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For the first time, Sidaction is joining forces with Aidsfonds and open a call for proposal on the theme of HIV CURE with an overall budget of 2 million euros.

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Aidsfonds is a Dutch HIV association founded in 1985. They fund scientific research, provide prevention and treatment services to vulnerable groups, and defend the rights of people living with HIV.

Deadline for submission
16th June 2024
July 2024


  • Submission of Letters of Intent : 16th June 2024
  • Evaluation of Letters of Intent : June 2024
  • Announcement of pre-selected projects : July 2024
  • Submission of full proposals : 26th September 2024
  • Selection of winning projects : November 2024
  • Announcement of winners : January 2025


Sidaction and Aidsfonds are pleased to jointly launch a call for scientific proposals for the year 2024, aimed at accelerating advances in HIV cure research. This initiative, the fruit of an unprecedented collaboration between the two organizations, aims to mobilize researchers from France, the Netherlands and African countries around this crucial issue for global health. The goal of this ambitious initiative is to foster collaboration between researchers, institutions, and communities, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and collaborative research on the cure for HIV.


The aim of this call for proposals is to fund research projects exploring mechanisms or strategies that will contribute to achieve a cure or a remission for HIV. The candidate projects may explore mechanisms to target the viral reservoir or enhance immune driven control, the development of new therapeutic concepts as well as all the social sciences around HIV cure or remission. With this call, we aim to fund research ultimately leading to biomedical breakthroughs, social acceptance of cure interventions and promotion of an HIV cure available to the maximum of PLHIV worldwide.

Financing Arrangements

For 2024, a total budget of 2 million euros is available. It is planned to finance 3 to 5 projects, favoring large-scale proposals, preferably with research collaborations between France, the Netherlands and sub-Saharan Africa.

The selected projects will be announced in December 2024.

Letter of Intent

The first step for your application is to submit a letter of intent describing the background, objective, design, and relevance of the project to the HIV Cure. The letter of intent for this international call should be completed in English (French could be acceptable if the principal investigator is from Africa and not fluent in English). The template can be downloaded from Sidaction or Aidsfonds website. The letter can only be submitted by e-mail to

Find below the full call for proposal with all information and the letter of intent template.

Full call for proposal
Full call for proposal
PDF (138,6 Ko ) – 6 pages
Template for Letter of Intent
Template for Letter of Intent
DOCX (29,8 Ko )
Appel à projets français
Appel à projets français
PDF (113,8 Ko ) – 7 pages
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